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Designing, building, and/or renovating a home can first seem like a daunting task. Where should you start? What should you consider? The following three questions cause the most anxiety when beginning the project.

                What is the process from start to finish?

                How much will it cost?

                How long will it take?

When can I move in?!

Hunter Roberts Homes is a design/build firm which allows us to walk you through and manage the entire process. We go through three primary phases: design, selections, and build. With years of experience we have established a process that aims to relieve your stress to allow you to focus on the home of your dreams. Written below is our step by step process of how we execute a new home or renovation.


One of our core beliefs is a well-designed home from site plan to floor plans through exterior will increase the value of a home. We begin the design process with a “Think List” that asks a series of questions to help us understand your needs and desires.

Our first concern when beginning the design process is the site. If you have a site before beginning, then we are ready to start designing. If you have not found or purchased a site, then we can assist you or your realtor in finding or selecting a site that is right for you with our site selection checklist.

Locating your home on the site is an essential step in floor plan development

Floor planWe start by arranging rooms, porches, and patios to take advantage of natural light. The amount of sunlight in your most used rooms 
will affect you well-being on a daily basis. Because floor plans are the backbone of your home, we work collaboratively to design several versions that address your thoughts and ideas. We tour existing Hunter Roberts Homes to allow you to experience a floor plan firsthand.

As conceptual floor plans become more concrete, we develop exterior elevations. Developing a beautiful exterior is a refining process that begins with hand-drawn sketches. We are not satisfied with the exterior appearance until you love them. We believe our high standard not only sets us apart, but also guarantees your home will be a gift to the neighborhood.

After we are satisfied with the design up to this point, we transition into the CAD (Computer Aided Design) and engineering phase in which construction plans are created. These formal drawings allow us to apply for building permits and gather bids from trades. Our plans are detailed to allow trade contractors to construct your home exactly as we have drawn and discussed.



This phase of the process addresses the question “How much will it cost?” Selections are the design decisions you make once plans are complete. Prior to making these selections, you will be provided with a preliminary budget that includes all the selections required to construct an elegant home. Selections include the following categories: exterior

New Homes Selections Store samples

 materials, appliances, flooring, lighting, and built-ins to name a few. While seemingly overwhelming, our selection
along with assistance from your Project Manager will guides you through each category. This process and schedule allows for ample time to visit showrooms, gather samples, and/or meet with an interior designer. Selecting these items should be an enjoyable process as they are what transform your house into a home.

New Homes Selections Store samples

New Homes Selections Store samples

A point of concern for homeowners is controlling cost. We strive to create and stick to a budget that suits your needs and desires. Your budget will include selection allowances which is specified dollar amount based on quality and items or materials we specify most. We strive to create a budget you can live within by taking enough time upfront to understand your expectations and preferences. In most cases you will exceed one or more of your allowances. With careful selections, we can avoid “creeping elegance” or a tendency to upgrade finishes during the construction phases that were not originally planned.


At this point, construction plans are complete, the building permit 

New Homes Build Home constructionis ready, demolition, if required, is complete, initial selections are done, and we are ready to start building. This phase of the process is usually followed by the question 

We begin the building process by providing a schedule that outlines each phase of construction from first ground breaking through move in. We plan the schedule with ample time to account for selections, weather, and unforeseen circumstances. Your Project and Site Managers will provide updates in two-week increments to keep you informed on your home’s construction. We understand there is nothing worse than not being informed and take extra care to share all progress during each of the following phases:“How long will it take?” Depending on whether your project is a new build or renovation, the entire process can take anywhere from nine months to a year.

Excavation and Foundation: Digging the space for your basement and pouring the concrete structure of your home

Framing: The house takes shape as carpenters construct the wooden structure.

Mechanical: The heating, plumbing, and electrical systems are installed. The exterior finishes also take place during this phase.

Drywall: This is major phase that allows you to get a sense of your living spaces.

Interior Trim: The finish details including crown, casing, cabinets, and built-ins begin.

Interior Paint: This allotted time is strictly for the precise painting and staining of the interior.

Final Finishes: Countertops, plumbing and electrical fixtures, carpet, shower doors, etc. are installed. This is the most important part of completing your home. Often once the "horse sees the barn" the anticipation, anxiety, and rush is on. While we understand you are excited to finish all the essential paperwork and schedule a mover, we want the house to be perfect which requires a few extra moments of patience.

Move-In: With growing anticipation, we thoroughly clean and prepare the house for your arrival.

The day we officially hand you the keys to your new home we will walk you through room by room to explain all the house systems. We provide all manuals and warranties for each appliance and item in your home. 60 days after your move-in, we arrange a visit to check on all house systems as well as correct any issues or concerns. Our goal is ensure you enjoy your new home!