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At Hunter Roberts, our primary architectural services are building new custom homes and renovating existing homes throughout Oakland County. Depending on your needs, budget and long-term vision, we can provide endless design and build solutions. This reaches from renovating your outdated kitchen to a more modern and functional interior space to designing and building your dream home! Our renovations will take an ordinary house into an extraordinary home. New Homes give you more options to work with including the style, location, materials and size of your home. No detail is overlooked and every aspect of your home is taken into consideration to provide the most appropriate fitting home for you. We understand the importance of design and material choices to complete your home and we patiently work with you to do so. See our Starting section for more details and information on how much it will cost and how long it will take. The majority of our homes are classified under a traditional style of architecture and although this is quite common among our Oakland County homes it does not limit your design possibilities. We can do contemporary and modern designs or we can plan and build classic or transitional style homes, the sky is the limit. Another aspect that sets Hunter Roberts apart is that our homes don't stop after the interior and exterior is built. Our custom homes are beautifully landscaped prior to building. Exterior details such as porticos, porches and patios are premeditated and built along with the entire home's design process. This strong attention to detail is what makes a beautiful home a Hunter Roberts Home.

Take a look at our New Homes and Renovations to decide what is right for you. Our new homes are all custom designed and constructed from the ground up. Our renovations are built from existing homes, mostly in the Birmingham, MI area, with before and after images to display the difference between ordinary and extraordinary.