Avoid Chaos!

Floor plans are our primary tool used in designing your home. While merely two dimensional line drawings, floor plans transform your ideas into built spaces you want to live in!

There are tangible benefits of eliminating chaos in a floor plan and home. When building or remodeling your home – whether it will be your “forever home” – it is best to feel comfortable in all spaces. This will ultimately increase the value of your home. Symmetrical designs are used often by Hunter Roberts Homes to guarantee your sense of peace:
  1. Symmetry
    1. Symmetry is one of our most important design tools. It provides a sense of order by aligning of doors, windows, archways or hallways. Instead of placing these openings on a whim, we carefully align these elements to create better views throughout the home.
    2. While a symmetrical facade can improve your home’s curb appeal, it also is a great tool for the interior spaces and elements. When either a front facade or room is split in half, one side will be a reflection or mirror of the other. Sometimes not being symmetrical is important; the fronts and backs of buildings, for example, are intentionally different.
    3. Our brain gains a more complete understanding of a space and creates a sense of balance. We feel more satisfied when elements are symmetrical.
    4. Symmetry appears in small things and large: Floor tiles may be laid in symmetrical patterns; the design of door paneling can be symmetrical, and so can window panes. This is the reason apps like Mirrorgram and PhotoMirror are so popular for photo editing.

The following renderings (courtesy of Art Lang) express our love of symmetry:

CP2609 - Art Lang - Color Rendering - 101614 - Cropped

G1322 - Art - Color Rendering for Downtown Mag Ad - 031814_Page_1

G1322 - Art Lang - Color Front Elevation - 090413 - Helen G1354 - Art Lang - Color Rendering 081612 IM2537 - Art Lang Color Rendering REVISED - 061014


Hunter Roberts Homes and Wellington Chase Homes design and build new, remodel, or renovate homes in traditional, modern and contemporary styles. We offer architectural services including interior design as well as new home floor plans and conceptual facade elevations. We manage all phases of the construction and renovation work. We build throughout Oakland County adding timeless elegance to the neighborhood in the following cities: Birmingham, Berkley, Bloomfield Village, Bloomfield Hills, Bloomfield Township, Franklin, Sylvan Lake, Beverly Hills, Orchard Lake, Bingham Farms, Huntington Woods, Pleasant Ridge, Royal Oak, Ferndale, and Troy. Our work can be found in neighborhoods such Quarton Lake, Poppleton Park, Midvale, Holy Name, central and downtown Birmingham, and other fine areas.


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