Architect Your Holiday

Thanksgiving is the holiday of friends, family, and food. We are thankful for a space to gather and splurge on savory treats. Hopefully your dining room table came with extra leaves to seat a few extra out of town relatives! Whether you are entertaining at home or celebrating at someone else’s home, we have some ideas to help you say thanks!

Don’t let Halloween be the end of your pumpkins. Unless they are wilting and starting to turn lesser shades of orange, a whole (uncarved) pumpkin can last for weeks. Gourds and corn stalks can decorate your front entrance, while squashes, apples, and leaves can decorate your table. The warmer hues of fall vegetables add a sense of comfort as well as stimulate one’s appetite for an extra serving of green bean casserole. Instead of using faux or plastic centerpieces, create edible arrangements. Dark purple or bright green grapes, multi-colored apples, and even pine cones from your backyard are a beautiful (and kid friendly) centerpiece option.

The mantel is another spot where you can let the fall season shine. A fireplace surround or wooden mantel are not the only option to display autumn decor; you can also place items on a bookshelf, piano, coffee table, or even an empty chair. If you haven’t raked all the leaves from your yard yet, consider pressing a few in between the pages of a heavy book. These leaves will add a splash of color to any area of the room. We love the idea of filling a clear glass vase with leaves and then setting a (small) pumpkin on top. Even thin branches make for an elegant display.

We wish you a Happy Thanksgiving from our homes to yours!





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