Dog House

When designing a home, it is expected your dreams, ideas, and needs will be addressed and accommodated. But what about your pets? Dogs need to feel at home too.

Here is a list of ideas to take into account if you have a pet:

  1. Doggy Door
    1. While dog doors may not be the most ideal depending on the location of your home, size of your dog, neighborhood, and backyard, an easy way in and out will benefit your dog. It is relatively easy to conceal a door in a laundry or mud room without affecting the room’s aesthetic.
  2. Dog Accessories
    1. Your dog is bound to go for a walk, traipse through the mud, or go out in the rain. Whether it is in your mud or laundry room, it is essential to have leashes and towels at the ready as well as a spot to store food and treats. If you have built-in lockers or storage, your pet would appreciate an organized space of their own including a tidy and clean area for their water and food bowl. A designated feeding station is easy to maintain and train your dog to use.
  3. Room for a Dog
    1. It may be to your advantage to place a crate or indoor electric fence to restrict your dog to a certain room. If you are introducing a pet into a house for the first time, they are guaranteed to feel nervous and overly excited. An indoor dog gate or fence is an easy means of introducing your dog one room at a time.
  4. Durable Materials
    1. If your dog is not kept in a crate or specific part of the house all the time, resilient flooring is a must if you are remodeling or building a new home. Whether your pet tends to scratch the floor or trek in mud and debris, a non-porous floor that is easy to clean is preferred. Avoid carpet where your dog enters and exits the house!
    2. Dog-proof furniture is something to consider if your pup likes to nap or jump up on the couches. Consider a designated and cozy spot that your dog can call its own. You can easily find dog beds, but a built-in especially for your pet may incorporate the room’s design.

With these tips, your new home will be ready for your dog to love!

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