A Room for a Bath

From infant through adulthood, bathing is apart of our daily routine. Whether it is in a shower or soaking tub, it may be practiced for personal hygiene, religious ritual or therapeutic purposes. Soaps, bubbles, or mineral salts can make your experience even more relaxing.

When designing a bathroom, consider your daily habits as well as the moments you have to take a break in a soaking tub. Here are some different styles of tubs that you could choose from to enhance your bathroom design:

  1. Freestanding vintage tubs can make an elegant statement. Cast iron clawfoot tubs are classic, beautiful, and perfect for long soaks as they hold heat longer. Nowadays, they are made from lighter materials and less of a hassle to install.
  2. Slipper tubs are similar to freestanding tubs, yet are raised higher on one side for even more comfort.
  3. Pedestal tubs are the same shape as freestanding tubs, but are raised on a platform. These long lasting tubs can be made of copper, steel,  or most commonly acrylic.
  4. Japanese style tubs are much deeper and shorter in length than American-style tubs. The depth allows the water to reach our chin and making it a true soaking tub. They can be made out of wood, which can add an aromatherapy element.
  5. Roman-style tubs are the most commonly found tub style. They can be ornate with elaborate tile or column details. They are drop-in tubs with one or more steps and a deck surround toiletries.
  6. Walk-in tubs are a newer style for those with safety concerns. They can include a built-in seat as well as jets, nonskid surfaces, and even a shower head.

While most tubs use more water than your tradition shower-tub unit, you may consider a larger water tank or an infinity/in-line water heater to fill the tub with appropriately heated water. Also consider your tub-filler or faucet design as this may match your other bathroom fixtures or provide an elegant addition to your tub.

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Beautiful Soaking Tub with a View

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