No More Mud

Mud rooms are a secondary entryway intended as buffer zone before entering the main house. Often overlooked as a merely a storage space, a mud room serves to increase the cleanliness of the overall house. If designed correctly, a mud room can become the most organized and clean part of the house!

Instead of thinking of mudrooms as a cross between a utility room and a walk-in closet, they can become a space all their own. They are a place to stow outerwear, boots, sports gear and anything else you need before leaving home. In short, mudrooms bring order to the most used entry to your home. You can create a great mudroom even in a tight space — a well-designed corner inside a doorway can act as a “To-Go” space for keys, hats, gloves, and even reminder notes or calendar.

When we are designing a new home, we prefer to start the planning process by including a space for the mud room. The appearance, location, and layout can differ depending on whether a family of five or a couple are planning to use the space. In either case, storage “lockers” can make any mess of outerwear, backpacks, or purses appear neatly organized and allow each family member a space of their own. By tying in cabinetry or trim elements from the kitchen, the mud room will not need to be hidden behind a door, but a natural progression of your path to the garage or backyard.

To-Go counter

Mud Room “Lockers”

Mud Room built-in bench

Mud Room – arched cubbies

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