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Our origins reach back over 30 years.  That's when we began building new homes and renovating in the Birmingham/Bloomfield area.  Our first home was a simple 980 square foot cottage ranch.   From that rather most start, we have evolved into a firm which designs what we builds.  We create extraordinary traditional homes in a wide range of styles, sizes and prices. 
We have learned residential design should be practiced as three important disciplines:

     1. Floor and space planning  
     2. The art and aesthetics of the exterior and interior architecture.
     3. Structural design.
Each of the architects who design our homes practice in only one of these areas.  They are highly experienced and passionate about their work.  As we are designing homes for our clients our staff builders are "looking over the shoulders of the designers".  By the time the project design is complete they are fully engaged and thoroughly understanding each home they are going to build. 

Whether the project is a new residence or a seamless renovation, by the time the design is complete our builders thoroughly understand your project.  They build with greater speed and a complete understanding of critical details.
People who are interested in a Hunter Roberts home appreciate gracious living.  They appreciate a residence which reminds each time they arrive that you are "home".   What is trendy or hot at the moment is less important than details and a design which is timeless and cherished.   You can understand this if you imagine being part of a process which creates something beautiful and lasting.